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You may have heard the saying before – “What you don’t know may hurt you” and that is true when it comes to accidents and personal injuries. Did you know:

  • You have to file a No Fault application within 30 days of an accident with the insurance company for the car you were travelling in to preserve your rights to recover medical bills and lost wages?
  • You will not be “automatically” compensated by an insurance company or other carriers  without taking the necessary steps to preserve your rights within the requisite time limits?
  • Many times the shock and trauma of an accident will mask your symptoms of injuries?
  • If you delay seeking medical attention your injuries may get worse?
  • In some cases, injuries from an accident do not show up right away but you may still be compensated for your loss from the accident if you take the necessary steps to preserve your legal rights?
  • If it looks too good to be true it probably is? Many employers, property owners and drivers will not want you to report an accident and will try to settle with you before you fully assess the extent of your damages and some insurance companies will even tell you "that you don't need a lawyer" . 

You need to know your rights fully in the event of a personal injury and you need to know that what you don’t know immediately may hurt you unless you protect your rights. What’s the best way to protect yourself in an accident? First, seek medical attention – even if you don’t think you need it. You never know what may be happening internally in your body or brain that could cause serious damage in the future. Next, contact us or another attorney to fully protect your rights. Our motto is – Know Your Rights Just in Case.