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Dash Cam Impact on New York Auto Accident Lawsuits – Vital Insights

Dash Cam Impact on New York Auto Accident Lawsuits – Vital Insights

Dash Cams: A Key Tool in New York Auto Accident Claims

Dash cams, small cameras mounted on your car’s dashboard, are becoming an important tool in auto accident claims in New York. These cameras record everything that happens while driving, providing valuable evidence if you are ever in an accident.

These video recordings help prove exactly what happened in the accident, despite the recollection of parties to the accident and witnesses. Human memory is imperfect, and some people intentionally or unintentionally distort events. When video footage showing exactly what occurred can be produced, this can greatly support fault claims.

Dash Cams and Proving Negligence in Auto Accident Cases

Dash cams can demonstrate who is at fault in car accidents. Accidents can happen quickly, and it is often hard to determine who is to blame. Often, both parties claim, for example, that the other party ran a red light. But who did? A dash cam can show this.

When dealing with insurance companies after an accident, dash cam footage can often be the difference between a long, drawn-out litigation and faster settlement. Once they can see exactly what happened – and know the court and jury will see the video – they may be more inclined to settle faster at a reasonable number.

Remember that dash cam footage can also show if you were at fault or contributed to the accident in some way. Knowing that you and other drivers may have active dash cams should encourage you to drive more carefully, be more attentive, and do what you can to avoid accidents – even those that would be entirely the fault of others.

Impact of Dash Cams on Proving Damages

Dash cams do more than just help prove who is at fault in an accident. They can also influence how much you can receive in a judgment or settlement. If the dash cam footage shows clearly that the other driver was at fault, we can negotiate from a position of strength against the opposing party. In other cases, it can help show the extent of injuries, time spent waiting for medical assistance, and the actions of other parties.

Legal Perspective: Dash Cams in New York State

Using a dash cam in New York is legal, but you may not record conversations without the consent of the people in your car. New York privacy laws apply, and audio may not be recorded without the permission of those being recorded. Nonetheless, video may be recorded as what is being recorded can be seen by those inside and outside the vehicle.

Dash cam footage can be used in courts in New York state, but the video must meet certain criteria to be admitted as evidence. For the footage to be accepted, it needs to be clear, not tampered with, and relevant to the case.

Ultimately, the court and/or jury will look at this evidence and determine if it clearly shows what occurred during the accident. This evidence can be used to help persuade the jurors towards your position.

Analyzing Dash Cam Footage

When our lawyers look at dash cam footage, we look for specific things that can help your case. We check the clarity of the footage, the field of view, the conditions of the road, the behavior of other drivers and anything else in the field of view that may have contributed to the accident.

These details are key in understanding how the accident happened. In New York, where driving conditions can vary greatly, such details can be critical in proving your side of the story.

Protecting Your Rights: The Importance of Legal Guidance

Having an attorney on your side can be invaluable, especially when you have dash cam footage from your auto accident. We can help you understand the legal process associated with your claim, and how the footage can be used in your case. Our attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure your rights are protected. We fight for the best possible outcome.

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