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After you lose your job, unemployment insurance benefits can provide a financial cushion while you actively seek new employment. If you were terminated from your job as a result of job elimination or a layoff, you may be eligible for unemployment compensation. The lawyers at The Law Office of Frank J. Cassisi, P.C. help terminated employees obtain the financial compensation owed to them when their applications for unemployment benefits are denied or their former employers challenge their rights to compensation.

In New York, the ex-employee must meet the following conditions in order to be eligible for unemployment compensation:

  • Must have lost the job through no fault of his or her own or for “good cause” such as gender, age or ethnic harassment or unsafe working conditions
  • Must have worked long enough and earned enough to qualify in New York
  • Must be physically able to work
  • Must not be self-employed or a student
  • Must not be on strike

Our thorough knowledge of New York unemployment benefits laws enables us to effectively analyze your claim and provide skillful representation in unemployment hearings.

Vigorously guiding you through the unemployment compensation filing process

In general, the New York unemployment insurance agency does not deny unemployment benefits unless a claim is contested by an employer. If your claim has been contested, it is within your right to obtain a hearing before an Unemployment Compensation Referee. It is very important to have an experienced and diligent lawyer represent you at this hearing because it is your one and only chance to make your case for why you should get benefits.

Our experienced attorneys can help you collect and present evidence such as:

  • Federal and state laws about workplace safety and health standards that may apply to your case
  • Employee testimony about work demands or workplace conditions
  • Witness testimonies from employees, friends and family members with whom you have discussed your work situation
  • Written records such as company handbooks, manuals, employment contracts and your personnel file

If your case is appealed to the unemployment agency because you or your employer disagree with the decision resulting from the hearing about your case, our attorneys are ready and able to bring new insight to past evidence.

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